Kurchatovium Wuv Network

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Hi everbody I'm THE POST, kurchatablovium's...I mean kurchataglorpium...hehehehehe..well you know who I mean. Anyway I'm his cute widdle teddy bear friend. This part of the site is the Kurchatovium Wuv Network which he is letting me run. He put me in charge because teddy bears know all about Wuv. It's one of our specialties. I am proof of all the miracles that WUV can bring cause now I'm a walking talking living teddy bear. WUV made that possible and it even made my friend THE THREAD possible. Our goal here is to spread WUV throughout the universe so it is a brighter happier place. Wouldn't that be nice? You can help us and later on I will show you how. I have put another picture of me in case you haven't seen what I look like yet. Thats me right between the hearts there. Kurchatafarpium....hehehe says I am hypercute and hypercuddly but I don't really know I'm just a widdle teddy bear who wants to make everyone happy.

Heart THE POST Heart

So below I have made a list of all the parts of the Kurchatovium Wuv Network. I hope you will take the time to visit them all. You can never really tell what you will find here in kurchatadumium....hehehehehe...strange world but don't worry because everything here is filled with WUV. Also this site is constanly growing and changing so even after you have seen everything be sure to come back cause there will always be cool new stuff to see. Finally always remember I wuv all of you a whole bunch, so please be happy.